Akashic Records Level I

The Akashic Records Level I, 2-Day certification course, is designed to teach you how to access your Records. In this course you will learn:

  • How to access your Akashic Records with confidence.
  • Your intuitive language of how you receive divine messages and how to use this infinite wisdom in your everyday life.
  • How to align with your soul’s purpose so you can enjoy a most abundant and enlightened path through life.
  • How to activate your divine gifts and talents so you can thrive.
  • How to clear any limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and past abuse holding you back from being all that you are.

This Akashic Records Level I is a virtual course.

The 2013 Akashic Record Level I Training is complete.

However, training will open again in 2014. To be notified when training is opened again, get on the waitlist below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Soul Journey’s Method different from others?

When I took the Soul Journey’s Method, I did not research other methods for learning the Akashic Records. Since using this method, I have learned that many methods just teach the downloading of information from the Records. The Soul Journey’s Method teaches you not just how to download information you need, but to clear energies, patterns, and beliefs. Furthermore, the Soul Journey’s Method empowers you to co-create your experience in your Records.

2. Couldn’t I just read a book about accessing my Records?

You absolutely could. However, you will miss out on the vibrational up-leveling you receive from the group energy and the space I hold for your learning (a huge help in raising your vibration to access the Records). You will not be able to ask questions, receive feedback, or be able to troubleshoot what is going for you in your Records.

3. What is required for certification to become an Akashic Records Consultant?

Akashic Records Level I is the first of 3 courses in the Soul Journey’s Method you will need to certify as an Akashic Record Consultant, if you choose.

In the Akashic Records Level II 2-Day certification course, you will learn how to access the Akashic Records of others and facilitate basic healing techniques. Pre-requisite: Akashic Records Level I

In Akashic Records Level III 2-Day certification course, you will learn how to facilitate advanced healing techniques in the Records for yourself and others. Pre-requisite: Akashic Records Level II

You will be eligible for certification once you’ve completed all three courses and required practice hours.  Click here to learn more about certification.